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      EGRP® System

      Energy Passive Groundwater Recharge Product

      Groundwater Recharge

      Parjana’s® innovative technology mimics and enhances natural groundwater movement by taking advantage of the unique physical and chemical properties of water. EGRP® technology accelerates infiltration into and through the near surface soils, ultimately increasing the volume of water that can be stored, infiltrated and recharged.

      Reduces irrigation runoff

      EGRP® technology improves infiltration rates as a solution to get rid of standing water. The system promotes drainage by utilizing an energy-passive solution, strengthened by the natural movement of groundwater.

      Stabilize soil/moisture content

      Parjana® EGRP® system improves infiltration by creating a balanced environment. Data shows that moisture content is kept at its lower energy state, which is excellent for soil health and plant growth.

      Maintenance free

      EGRP® systems neither clog nor require maintenance. Parjana® has monitored sites for years after installation in order to evaluate performance, and no system has stopped working or required interference.

      Low impact design

      EGRP® implementation consists of multiple devices that are installed vertically into the ground and arranged within a carefully calculated layout by a team of skilled engineers based on local design criteria, such as topography and soil type, as well as the individual customer’s water management objectives.