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Shelby, MI

A homeowner in Shelby, MI had chronic seepage and runoff issues, causing water to come into the basement and creating countless hours of cleaning up. As a solution, the EGRP® system was installed and eliminated the standing water and seepage. The house is now dry and its lawn is infiltrating effectively

“I fully feel confident that the EGRP® system has performed up to and beyond expectations and that the basement of my house will continue to be free of the water issues that we had for 38 years because of the system. (…) I would recommend that anyone who has similar water seepage issues consider the EGRP® system”

-Home Owner 2013

Grosse Pointe Park, MI

2011, a residential yard in Grosse Pointe Park was flooded constantly with rain. This backyard is the lowest point in the surrounding area. The ground would remain saturated after rainfall and would not be completely dry for weeks. The homeowner had to pump out rainfall water from the backyard several times each year, for 11 years. In August 2011, the EGRP® system was installed with very little disruption. Since September 2011, after EGRP® installation, no water has accumulated after rainfall events.

“I was looking to solve water issues and manage storm water runoff and I’m very pleased. I would recommend the PARJANA EGRP® system to anyone with standing water issues”

– Home Owner