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Parjana®’s experienced team of engineers, environmental specialists, and sales representatives deliver substantial, measurable benefits to our customers. While the objectives of every project are unique, below we summarize some of the benefits customers can expect from our professionally engineered solutions.

Healthy Soils

Enhanced infiltration of water provided by EGRP® -based solutions increases plant-available water content, which can lead to natural improvements in soil productivity and reduce the amount of water maintenance needed to keep lawns and agricultural crops healthy.

Pollution Mitigation

An integrated systems approach in which an EGRP® implementation is paired with a filtration or biofiltration system can reduce stormwater runoff pollutant loadings and help to keep our communities and ecosystems safe and healthy. Where risk of pollutants is inherently lower, a standalone EGRP®-based solution can enhance natural groundwater filtration processes.

Groundwater Recharge

Emulating the natural processes of aquifer recharge, EGRP ® -based solutions merge ecology with technology to increase long-term rates of groundwater recharge by capturing and reclaiming stormwater and surface water generated in the built environment and directing it to permeate back into the natural groundwater system.

Water Neutrality

Simply stated, Water Neutrality is a state where water consumers – individuals, products, entities – offset their water use by taking measures to increase the water supply. Low impact EGRP ® technology is used to reclaim surface water and enhance groundwater recharge rates, replenishing valuable groundwater supply, thus, providing an opportunity for water consumers to offset their water footprints.

Cost-Effective, Sustainable Stormwater Management

EGRP ® -based solutions can drain waterlogged surface soils, eliminate standing water, and reduce runoff into municipal sewer drain systems, which can significantly alleviate costs associated with stormwater treatment and minimize the introduction of undesirable pollutants into our traditional stormwater systems.

Increased Recreational Availability

For a number of reasons, outdoor recreational facilities like sports fields, golf courses, playgrounds, and parks are often left waterlogged in certain areas for days following a storm event, resulting in inconveniences such as lost playing time and revenue. Our EGRP ® -based solutions drain saturated soils and return outdoor recreational facilities to usable playing conditions in a significantly shorter window of time.

Passive Mosquito Population Control

By eliminating the presence of stagnant water in problem areas, EGRP ® -based solutions inherently mitigate the breeding of unwanted pests such as mosquitos, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases. Eradicating standing water can also reduce potential hazards associated with gulls, waterfowl, and deer.