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The Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP®) is a device designed to increase the infiltration of surface water into near-and-sub-surface soils, providing subsequent benefits to groundwater recharge, runoff mitigation, water quality, and vector control.

Integrated Systems

The EGRP® can augment traditional stormwater practices by increasing the infiltration rate and management capacity of systems that capture peak volumes – such as ponds, swales, or other storage devices – or can be paired with filtration/biofiltration systems to improve the water quality of volumes being infiltrated.



Parjana Tube

Each EGRP® has a central core surrounded by four crescents, and is topped with a cap at the end closest to the surface level.

Base lengths: 5’ (1.524 m), 10’ (3.048 m), 20’ (6.096 m) & 40’ (12.192 m)
Diameter: 1 ¼” (31.75 mm)
Color: Natural Transparent Clear, Colorless
Material: Polyethylene
Material characteristics: Non-reactive with environment, abrasion resistance.



This systems approach provides a “mix-and-match” design process that develops tailored solutions to capture stormwater runoff, store peak volume, absorb pollutants and/or increase infiltration rates over time.

Additionally, integrated systems are proven to significantly lower management and operations costs, as well aid new or existing developments in meeting environmental regulations. This is achieved through the systems’ ability to reduce peak storm discharges and downstream flooding, reduce stormwater runoff pollutant loadings, and increase groundwater recharge volumes.