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    EGRP for Water Entities

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    The list of possibilities to achieve the benefit of installing EGRPs is endless for water entities (i.e., private or public water companies, special districts, water authorities, irrigation and water districts, etc.). Whether it is abating standing water issues, resolving wet areas of landscaped areas, or enhancing the ability of delivering surface water to the groundwater aquifer (groundwater recharge), EGRP is a tool that can solve your water challenges.

    Nuisance water can be resolved efficiently with literally no future maintenance demand. Parks, soccer, and other playing field drainage issues can also be resolved efficiently.

    From the dust bowl to our desert southwestern states, groundwater recharge has been a developing practice for nearly 75-years. During this period, Engineers and Hydrogeologist have been studying varied methods of getting surface water into the groundwater aquifers. These efforts have been in reaction to two primary issues. Methods to recharge groundwater with surface water was deemed necessary to offset the effects of depleted aquifers in many states from Kansas to California. Surface water storage in man-made lakes is not the preferred method of storing water today. With depleted aquifers comes storage capacity for available surface water that can be recharged.

    Depending on local geology and soil conditions, intentional groundwater recharge rates can vary from zero to multiple feet per day of percolation. What installations of EGRP has shown in existing recharge areas is that percolation rates can be significantly increased from areas where there is currently no percolation (clay evaporation ponds or rice fields). And in other areas that do percolate, rates can be improved seven to ten times existing rates.